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Specialized Training Programs by The STIRM Group LLC

Training Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs

At the STIRM Group, we know training. That’s because we have all sat through more than our fair share of training, and we know the difference. Some training programs are better than others, and some are more relevant to actual situations.

Our goal when it comes to training is to provide the skills and resources necessary to prevent a crisis. Proper training allows your employees to feel safe and shows that management is proactive in creating a professional environment. A professional environment improves employee morale, which will enable teams to become productive and highly motivated and enhances a company’s competitive position.

The one thing we can promise you is that the number of zeroes on the dollar figure attached to any type of settlement against your organization will have a direct correlation to the training you made available to your people. It can be that simple.

Here is partial list of some of the trainings that we provide for law enforcement, security, and cannabis services clients. We can also design a custom training program to your specifications.

  • Money Laundering Investigations
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment Investigative Techniques
  • Human Trafficking Investigations
  • Complex Investigative Methods
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management
  • Mental Health Response for Patrol
  • De-Escalation Training
  • High Value, High Risk Transportation course
  • NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test certification

Our Courses Provide the Training Your Team Needs to Succeed

The following courses are some examples of the type of training we provide to our clients. If you don’t see something that you’re looking for here, drop us a line. There’s a good chance we’re developing the program you’re after, or have a custom-designed course too meet your needs.

Available Courses

Active Shooter Response Planning and Training

Employee safety needs to be at the forefront of any critical incident, none more so than in the case of an active shooting incident. Out-of-the-box programs have the potential to increase the number of casualties, while exposing a company to greater civil liability. The STIRM Group works with you to custom design a plan that maximizes employee safety and minimizes the potential of your company’s exposure. Once created, our staff will train your employees and security staff on to how to implement the plan. We will prepare your security staff to conduct yearly refresher training.

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Hostile Workplace Training for Managers

This supervisor and management 1-day seminar concentrates on mitigating company exposure by creating a corporate culture that has zero tolerance for sexual harassment or discrimination. Since the tone is established at the top of the corporate structure, management is informed of its legal responsibilities and is given the tools necessary to successfully onboard a complaint in a timely manner that is consistent with company policies, federal and state laws.

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Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Hostile Workplace Training for Employees

This employee seminar focuses on preventing incidents from occurring in the first place. It is an interactive class that encourages active participation through role-playing scenarios. The intent is to give your employees the tools to prevent a situation from escalating and how to report an event if it becomes necessary. We will work to review your company’s current policies, help you update them as necessary, and present them in the classroom.

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Computer Security: Social Engineering Preventative Training

Research tells us 84 percent of hackers leverage social engineering in cyber attacks. Hackers are always one step ahead and are continually improving their tradecraft. A well-executed hack can be devastating to your clients, vendors, employees, investors,  bottom line and reputation. And, the number of attacks is on the rise. Your best defense is an educated employee, combined with strong policies that have a human-centric focus.

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