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Zeus Currency Discriminator

Automate Cash Management the Best Way Available

The Zeus Currency Discriminator is the most versatile money counter on the market. It can take a large amount of disorganized currency, stacked so the bills are facing every direction possible, with some counterfeit currency mixed in for good measure. In less than five minutes, the Zeus will organize all the bills so they are all positioned face up, stacked in the same direction, and stacked with the denominations in sequential order, while giving you an accurate count, all while recording the individual serial number of each bill. Or, should we say, each real bill: Zeus does so much we almost forgot, it identifies and separates out the counterfeit bills with a 99.999-percent accuracy rate. Zeus will then provide the user with a printed receipt, while also uploading the information straight into report management systems.

Counting Cash Quickly and Reliably by Design
The Zeus Currency Discriminator is the state of the art for cash management systems, and its many useful features show the extent of its evolution:

Automatically Reads and Registers All Bill Serial Numbers
No manual entry or bill photocopying: all serial numbers are recorded, registered, and digitally exported.

Verify Currency Is Authentic as Evidence
Serial-number registration means law enforcement agencies can use reports to verify evidence chain.

Detects Counterfeit Bills
Using the manufacturer’s proprietary M Algorithm, the Zeus sorts and counts legitimate bills while sorting out counterfeit currency using magnetic, full-line UV, double-sided infrared, high-definition contact image sensor, and color spectrum analysis.

Other design features help set the Zeus Currency Discriminator apart, including:

  • The two-pocket design allows rapid counting and counterfeit separation without having to stop operation
  • High-definition LCD display with adjustable color settings
  • Designed for right- or left-hand operation with dual keys for clear and start/stop functions
  • Hot-key design allows more access to functions in a simple interface
  • Counts new or worn bills together without jamming
  • Dust shield keeps work area clean
  • Download reports to flash drive or PC
  • Custom bill strapping with multiple presets
  • Removable dust trap for easy cleaning

Physical dimensions:
10.8 inches W by 9.8 inches D by 12 inches H
274mm W by 249mm D by 305mm H
Weight: 16.75 lb.

The Zeus Currency Discriminator is one of two machines on the market that receive U.S. Treasury updates in the field, all while counting up to 1,000 bills of assorted denomination simultaneously, in a minute. It does all this for about half the price of its only competitor.

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