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Security Services

STIRM Group Security Services Protect Your Interests

STIRM Group uses our expertise to lend a security-minded approach, complete with the necessary, detail-focused planning and preparation. Our experience gives us a unique perspective to your risk management and mitigation needs. Our security services allow our clients to focus on what matters to them, whether it’s their business or their family, and know they’re protected. Because we understand the importance of your peace of mind.

Security Risk Management Services

Security Risk Management Services

Employees are every company’s greatest asset. Conducting the proper due diligence helps to position your company for success by mitigating risk. Proper preparation results in:

  • Increased workplace safety and employee security
  • Early identification of risks and red flags, which allows for early intervention
  • Increased employee morale and higher productivity, and reduced liability if an incident were to occur.

When the STIRM Group team provides security, we blend into the environment, almost as an afterthought, unnoticeable to the untrained eye. What that untrained eye doesn’t see is the intricate planning and preparation necessary to make operations run smoothly.

high risk terminations

High-Risk Terminations

Terminating an employee can sometimes be a dangerous proposition. More and more human-resources departments have started to outsource employee terminations to trained security professionals. Outsourcing allows an employer to mitigate company liability and protect its employees. If you think for even a moment that there is a mere possibility of an employee becoming violent, you owe it to your investors, your stakeholders, your employees, and yourself to limit your exposure to a dangerous situation that could turn deadly at a moment’s notice.

threat assessment

Threat Assessment and Management

Threat assessment involves the identification of an individual or group that is an actual or perceived danger, or exhibits concerning behavior. The management phase is a preventative intervention. The STIRM Group will establish a centralized reporting system and train your staff on how to deal with individuals that have been identified as posing a potential risk.

tip line management

Tip Line Management

The STIRM Group tip line is a free benefit for all of our clients, and we provide the training and policies regarding the use of the tip line. Companies that use a tip line are nearly three times more likely to identify fraud. Businesses use tip lines to help identify sexual-harassment incidents, learn about hostile work-environment issues, and find out about behavioral threats. Cannabis Services clients who select STIRM Group to be their RVT provider will be given access to our client tip line. Tip lines have become industry best practices when it comes to security and safety.

emergency preparedness

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

The STIRM Group works in partnership with your legal representatives, human-resources professionals, security department, and insurance providers to create a one-of-a-kind plan, tailored to your company’s specific needs. Contact us for a full evaluation.

active shooter response

Active Shooter Response Planning and Training

A the STIRM Group, we understand the threat posed by an active shooter. We provide plans tailored to our clients to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from an active shooter. We can develop the program to be a stand-alone plan, or we can incorporate the plan into the wider scope of Emergency Preparedness Planning.