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The STIRM Group brings a combination of expertise in security, investigations, and risk-management with decades of experience in law enforcement and military service to counter the challenges our clients face each day. Our goal is to create and implement a strategy to help our clients succeed and protect their interests.

expertise in security, investigations, and risk-management

At the STIRM Group, we review your needs for risk management, investigations, security services, training, and other needs, put together a plan of attack to suit your specific challenges, and deliver a menu of services protect your organization or business.

Law Enforcement

We help agencies with accreditation consulting, independent internal investigations, recruiting and vetting hires, and more.

Evidence Management

evidence management
STIRM Group consults on evidence room design and management, and helps develop sound policy and procedure. We are the exclusive reseller of PADtrax, the ultimate evidence-management system.


We conduct fraud, financial, and internal investigations, look into discrimination and Title IX violations, and investigate background, social media, and computer forensics.

Security Services

We offer a full range of services, including threat assessment and management, high-risk terminations, hostile workplace awareness, protective services, and business continuity planning.

Legal Services

Legal Services
Our backgrounds in law enforcement, investigations, and evidence management let us assist legal teams on virtually any case with due diligence and witness assistance, as well as offering a unique perspective.
Training Consortium

Training Consortium

Train your team to meet the next challenges head on, including Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training, active shooter response planning and training, and sexual harassment, discrimination, and hostile workplace training, and more.

PADtrax Evidence Management System

Get your evidence program up to speed with the state-of-the-art RFID tagging and tracking to monitor who, what, and where, in one easy-to-use system that will yield results instantly.

Zeus Currency Discriminator

This next-generation smart device is a boon to any business or agency that regularly handles cash, by separating, counting, and tracking multiple denominations.

Don’t trust your hard questions to just any consultant. As experienced law-enforcement and military veterans, we share our investigation and security expertise to mitigate risk and give your organization every advantage to be in a position to succeed.

Collective Years of Law Enforcement Experience


Collective Years of Military Experience

Larry Smith
On PADTrax and Evidence Management

Larry Smith

“The PADTrax system uses RFID tagging to reduce exposure to lost evidence. Law enforcement agencies need to look at their procedures closely, and rule out any weak points. PADTrax can do that quickly and easily.”