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Protect Your Agency with the Best Evidence Management System

Designed for law enforcement, the PADtrax RFID solution is designed specifically to meet evidence-management requirements. PADtrax stands for “People, Asset, Document Tracking”, and it is evidence-management software configured according to the exacting requirements of each police department where it is installed, providing a complete chain of custody for evidence items from seizure through final disposition.

PADtrax is the only triple-patented RFID evidence-management program. It is specifically designed to improve evidence tracking and accountability while ensuring the evidentiary chain of custody. The system can save agencies time on labor and mitigate a lot of the typical headaches that come with evidence. Why is PADtrax so effective? Because it uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to locate evidence, track its presence within the evidence room, document whether it is entering or leaving the evidence room, and at what time. Using radio waves and passive RFID tags, evidence items can be detected from a distance. This provides the ability to track their movement and to rapidly inventory and locate them.


Rebuild Your Evidence Management Program from the Ground Up

The STIRM Group recently became the exclusive distributor of C&A Associates triple patented PADtrax RFID evidence management system and the Zeus Currency Discriminator for the Mid-Atlantic and New England geographic areas.

Existing records and data from legacy systems are easily imported to PADtrax, simplifying the transition for departments of any size. We will come in to give you a free consultation to show you the power of RFID for law-enforcement agencies.

The PADtrax software from C&A Associates tracks the data and enhances evidence accountability. It also simplifies all evidence management, automating the chain-of-custody reporting and increasing the efficiency of item transfers. Electronic chain-of-custody logs and reports track all events related to the evidence, including transfers, over the complete lifecycle of the item. If a piece of evidence is misplaced or missing, the RFID reader can quickly scan the evidence container, room, or surrounding area within the building to locate misplaced items.

A PADtrax Program Installation provides everything a law-enforcement agency needs, including:

  • Selection and placement of RFID tags
  • Hardware selection, installation & support
  • Software installation, usage training, and support
  • Inventory and conversion of existing files

Call or contact the STIRM Group today to learn more about PADtrax and how it can help your agency manage evidence more effectively

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Inventories Have Never Been Easier for Evidence and More

When asking departments how long it takes to complete inventories, many respond with “months” or “have never completed one.” Often, evidence handlers say that inventories don’t get done because there is simply too much to do every day. Regardless of whether this sounds familiar, with our unique implementation of RFID technologies, you can have the ability to quickly and complete inventories in as little as five (5) minutes each week.

Beyond evidence, the system can also track and manage an agency’s assets, including office equipment, weapons, and gear. It can all be inventoried and tracked easily, using PADtrax. A simple RFID tag affixed to the item and a handheld RFID reader tracks the location of an item and its dispensation. Because the software keeps logs and reports, the entire inventory process is simplified. And every agency knows, when inventory is easy, it can be completed more often without expending resources, and the whole process becomes more effective.

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Agencies Customize the Evidence System

The profile of each evidence item can be expanded to include custom data fields, that each agency can define, making for a truly custom system. While this is not a complete list, fields that are typically added include:

  • Description
  • Case Number
  • Evidence Number
  • Suspect/Victim
  • Acquisition Date
  • Accountability Reports
  • Signature (PDF)
  • Movements Time & Date Stamped
  • Intuitive Location Tracking
  • Characteristics of Item
  • Officer Notes
  • Full Database Research

Call or contact the STIRM Group today to learn more about PADtrax and how it can help your agency manage evidence more effectively

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