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Revolutionize Your Agency’s Evidence Management with PADtrax RFID Solution

Revolutionize Your Agency’s Evidence Management with PADtrax RFID Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement, maintaining control over crucial evidence is paramount. Enter PADtrax RFID, a groundbreaking evidence management system tailored explicitly for law enforcement agencies. Derived from the acronym “People, Asset, Document Tracking,” PADtrax is more than just software; it’s the ultimate solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of police departments across the nation. Offering a complete chain of custody from the moment of seizure to final disposition, PADtrax ensures the highest level of accountability and security. Discover how PADtrax, with its triple-patented RFID technology, can safeguard your agency’s future.


The Power of PADtrax: A Game-Changer for Law Enforcement Agencies

What sets PADtrax apart from the competition? It’s the cutting-edge radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that forms the backbone of this exceptional evidence management system. By harnessing RFID’s capabilities, PADtrax offers a seamless and efficient method to track evidence items within your agency. Here’s why it’s so effective:


  1. Precision with RFID: Utilizing radio waves and passive RFID tags, PADtrax can detect evidence items from a distance, providing real-time tracking and rapid inventory capabilities.


  1. Enhanced Accountability: The system meticulously documents every movement of evidence items, recording their entry and exit from the evidence room along with timestamps, ensuring an unbroken chain of custody.


  1. Time and Labor Savings: PADtrax streamlines evidence management, reducing the administrative burden on your agency. Say goodbye to the typical challenges associated with evidence tracking.

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Elevate Your Evidence Management Program with PADtrax

As the exclusive distributor of C&A Associates’ triple-patented PADtrax RFID evidence management system and the Zeus Currency Discriminator for the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, the STIRM Group is here to transform your evidence management program.


PADtrax seamlessly integrates with existing systems, simplifying the transition process for departments of any size. We offer a complimentary consultation to showcase the transformative power of RFID for law enforcement agencies.


Our PADtrax software from C&A Associates provides robust data tracking and enhances evidence accountability. It automates chain-of-custody reporting, streamlines item transfers, and offers electronic logs and reports to monitor all evidence-related events throughout an item’s lifecycle. In the unfortunate event of misplaced evidence, the RFID reader swiftly locates it, ensuring a swift resolution.


With a PADtrax Program Installation, your law enforcement agency receives a comprehensive package that includes:


– Selection and placement of RFID tags

– Hardware selection, installation, and support

– Software installation, user training, and ongoing support

– Inventory and conversion of existing files


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Effortless Inventories with RFID Technology

Completing inventories can be a daunting task for many law enforcement agencies, often taking months or left uncompleted due to daily workloads. PADtrax, with its RFID technology, changes the game. Now, you can complete inventories in as little as five (5) minutes each week.


But PADtrax goes beyond evidence management; it extends its capabilities to track and manage your agency’s assets, including office equipment, weapons, and gear. Equipped with RFID tags and handheld RFID readers, the system simplifies tracking, dispensation, and reporting, making inventory management a breeze.


When inventory becomes a painless task, it can be done more frequently without straining resources, resulting in a more effective and efficient process for your agency.

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Customize Your Evidence System

One size doesn’t fit all in evidence management. PADtrax recognizes this and allows each agency to tailor the system to their specific needs. Expand the profile of each evidence item with custom data fields that you define, creating a truly personalized system. Here are some common fields agencies typically add:


  • Description
  • Case Number
  • Evidence Number
  • Suspect/Victim
  • Acquisition Date
  • Accountability Reports
  • Signature (PDF)
  • Movements
  • Time & Date Stamped
  • Intuitive Location Tracking
  • Characteristics of Item
  • Officer Notes
  • Full Database Research


PADtrax RFID is not just an evidence management system; it’s a game-changer for law enforcement agencies. Its innovative use of RFID technology, seamless integration, and customization options make it the ideal choice for agencies looking to protect their evidence and streamline their operations. Contact the STIRM Group today and take the first step towards revolutionizing your agency’s evidence management.

Call or contact the STIRM Group today to learn more about PADtrax and how it can help your agency manage evidence more effectively

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