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Legal Services

Litigation Support and Disputes

Trial lawyers have an old saying: “You never ask a question on cross-examination to which you do not know the answer.” One of the greatest risks to plaintiffs and defendants is that there is information “out there” that counsel doesn’t know about. Bolster your legal strategy by investigating adverse parties, their claims, and backgrounds—before litigation or during legal proceedings.

The STIRM Group will uncover the facts, analyze information and preserve evidence during every phase of a personal or business dispute, ranging from pre-trial preparation and discovery to court proceedings and the investigation of new information supporting appeal.

We do this by employing four methods:

  • Performing proper due diligence on companies or individuals, including witnesses or subjects of an investigation or party to a suit.
  • Providing the expert witness testimony of a STIRM Group expert. In addition we provide background research of potential expert witnesses who will be presenting an evidentiary statement on your behalf or for the opposing party.
  • Conducting electronic evidence retrieval and forensic analysis of desktops, laptops, tablets, cellphones, and storage devices.
  • Using our Social Media Investigative Expert (SMIE) to search the web in order to provide you with the best opportunity to be successful. We will search the web to find positive information to help or negative information that is detrimental to your opposition.

Due Diligence Investigations

Correctly performing due diligence gives a company a base of knowledge that allows a company to navigate its desired course, while steering away from the unforeseen dangers. Many companies and government agencies have failed to conduct the proper due diligence, and the results are never good. Often, they have been sued, or otherwise suffered reputational or financial damage because they did not acquire the knowledge necessary to prevent a crisis, despite having it available to them.