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Why The STIRM Group

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Whether that curveball comes at you in your personal life or in a business environment, the STIRM Group is here to provide answers to your most critical questions regarding crisis prevention and management, risk assessment, security issues and more.

We are a proven team of professionals united in our goal to provide high-quality services using the latest investigative and security techniques. We listen to your concerns, develop strategies and implement action plans to obtain accurate information, and keep you updated as your case progresses.

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Our Experience and Expertise Are at Your Service

Because our team includes retired, decorated law-enforcement and military personnel, we have had extensive training in all aspects of security and investigation methods and techniques. We also maintain our certifications, to stay up to date on developments and gain further insights in our fields of expertise. We take our training seriously, so much so that we run our own training consortium, to assist law-enforcement agencies and security personnel to grow their own educational base. Our reputation for delivering outstanding service and quality results speaks for itself.

Meet The STIRM Group Team

Client Confidentiality Is Our Top Priority

We understand the sensitive nature of circumstances that require our clients to retain our services. We provide a signed non-disclosure agreement that states we will never publicly acknowledge that our client or business is, or was, our client. More importantly, our clients have our word.

We Support Veterans

At The STIRM Group, we support veterans because we believe in the importance of taking care of our own. We patronize veteran-owned businesses and donate to causes that help veterans, because we believe in leadership by example. See how you can help veterans here. 

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Developing Prevention and Mitigation Programs

The common question all victims ask themselves is: “Why didn’t we do something about this earlier?” Let the STIRM Group help you eliminate the need to ask that question of yourself.

At the STIRM Group, we believe the best way to limit our clients’ liability, protect their reputation, and to keep them out of court is to be proactive, rather than reactive, in the development of programs that focus on prevention and mitigation.

Prevention and mitigation programs, methods, and training might appear to some to be a burdensome cost. Trust us when we say that it is cheaper than becoming a victim. Consider the whole picture: Beyond just the incident itself, there is also the loss of reputation and the perception of unreliability—two factors that can be incredibly hard to overcome. Let us help you before your family or organization becomes just another statistic. By pursuing a prevention program, many companies often find nefarious actors simply bypass them, and move on to the next victim, an easier target. Remember, in many cases, it is not a question of if you will be targeted, but rather when it will happen.