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Former Methuen Police ChiefJoseph Solomon indicted

Story by WBZ-News Staff• 15h

METHUEN – Former Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon and former Methuen Detective Sean Fountain were indicted on multiple charges on Thursday.

According to Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker, Solomon and Fountain face multiple charges related to fraud and corruption.

Officials allege that Solomon “repeatedly misused his position of  authoritv as police chief to repeatedlv undermined for his own

Among the allegations are that Solomon hired six part-time officers and then appointed them to full-time roles in violation of civil service laws. Fountain, who was one of the hires, allegedly lied about graduating from the Northeast Regional Police Institute in 1996 and produced a forged certificate. Solomon allegedly new about the forgery.

Mayor Neil Perry said the indictment shows that no one is above the law. “Methuen continues to expend every reasonable effort to steer the city away from the abuses and wrongdoing of the past, and, likewise, the City looks forward to seeking justice against those who have harmed the City,” he said.

Chief Scott J. McNamara said he has been working to regain the community’s trust. “I pledge that every man and woman in our Department will continue to work every day to earn the support of those we serve, and to move beyond the abuses of the past.

Solomon was put on leave just before Christmas 2020 after an inspector general’s report came out regarding high police salaries in Methuen.

The report found city officials may have broken the law when they negotiated police contracts and that Solomon didn’t speak up about the deal, which made him one of the highest paid chiefs in the nation.

Solomon retired in 2021