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Vendor Training

Responsible Vendor Training for Cannabis Businesses

The STIRM Group is a CCC-certified Responsible Vendor Trainer for Massachusetts. Our RVT course was designed by a former Director of Training for a large state organization, and he has more than 15,000 hours of classroom time. Of that experience, more than 8,000 hours were spent teaching people about the effects that alcohol and drugs can have on the human body.

Multiple additional experts helped to design our RVT course, including medical professionals, a lawyer, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), Standardized Field Sobriety Trainers (SFST), board-certified security experts, fraud examiners, an anti-money laundering specialist, transportation professionals, investigators certified by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discriminations, and a compliance officer that specializes in food-product safety.

Our goal is to prepare your staff completely so that any potential violation cannot be blamed on lack of training or preparation. To limit the liability and exposure of any cannabis business, STIRM Group is the best choice for RVT training.

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STIRM Group Responsible Vendor Training Courses Make Sense for Your Cannabis

Our RVT courses are unique; we are the only provider that give an eight-hour class. We conducted extensive research to create our class, and spoke to hundreds of people in the industry and determined two key considerations: The first was that they wanted the class to cause “minimal disruption” and the second was that the class should be, “done in a day.”

Our course fulfills the eight hours of training time needed to comply with CCC guidelines, so business owners do not need to document any additional training hours to maintain certification for employees.

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Sector-Specific Training for Cannabis Businesses

Another thing that we took away from those conversations was the need for sector-specific training.

We have three separate RVT classes, each designed to provide information specific to the needs of the business. We designed our classes because our research told us that would be the best way to serve our clients. After all, the B2B market is not interested in retail sales information. At the same time, the transportation companies are not concerned with manufacturing and retail information. So we listened and created three different courses:

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Combined Manufacturing and Cultivation Course

The STIRM Group won’t just train your team and send you on your way. We take care of everything, including notifying you when your employees are 90 days from expiration. Through our secure login, you will have access to all the training records in real-time, and access to the master list of ATG certifications, evaluations, test scores, and copies of the certification each student receives.

By becoming STIRM Group client, you will be eligible for discounted rates available to our contracted RVT clients—many clients discover they are able to get their newly hired staff trained for free. Clients who contract with STIRM Group as their exclusive RVT provider are able to control training costs because we can fix the cost of annual training expense.

Clients get a designated day each month to train staff members. If we need to add a second day to ensure your staff remains certified, we run the second class, no questions asked, and no additional fees.

Moreover, we have found that our clients love our RVT classes, and they should know since they are all experience with other RVT providers. We prefer to use a live interactive training model for several reasons we will be glad to share.