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Attend the Three-Day Combined Course for a Discounted Rate

Attend all three days for discounted rate.

Two-Day Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Investigators Course
During this two-day class, Larry Smith, a decorated money laundering and fraud specialist, will provide you with his knowledge and experiences in dirty money and illegal transactions in a variety of industries and criminal activities. Participants will learn how to identify suspicious activities and the criminal movements of money in and out of shell companies, casino businesses, the real estate and marijuana industries and into human trafficking and more. Learn about the ever-changing climate of money as it moves from hard currency, to virtual currency and cryptocurrency.

One-Day Hidden Compartments “Trap” Course
In this law-enforcement-exclusive offering, officers will be given the knowledge to successfully identify and access hidden compartments in various types of motor vehicles and homes. Participants will earn proper search techniques and protocol for seizure. During this one-day training, officers will get a hands-on experience with a live, full- sized car equipped with trap examples. This is a fully immersive, unique experience to help officers make the right decisions to lead to significant seizure for their departments.

Late Registration Fee: $100 (Starts May 24, 2021)
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